Top Chatbot Business Use Cases You Might Not Know (Part 1)

Although the term “Chatbot” is still a buzz word to many people, this revolutionary technology has already been considered “the next big thing” due to massive benefits it can bring to companies across various industries. In this article, we will discuss several chatbot use cases to solidify our claim that businesses should embrace chatbots. 1. […]

Top Chatbot Business Use Cases You Might Not Know (Part 2)

Our first installment of carefully selected chatbot business use cases has shown you how AI bots are transforming 12 large-scale core industries of the world, including E-commerce, public transportation, education, airlines, and so on. In this second part, we continue coming up with other 11 chatbot business use cases that deal with more personal aspects […]

Chatbot Service Design for Beginners

In spite of a variety of benefits, it’s unclear how chatbots can be made to work in a practical sense. In this article, we’ll find out principles and steps of chatbot service design, as well as some common mistakes when it comes to building these AI bots. What Is Chatbot Design? Understanding How Every Chatbot […]

Chatbots For Team Communication Apps

Team chat apps are the latest in a long line of technology that keeps coworkers connected. Platforms such as the popular Slack or Microsoft Teams allow management to create a place where communications between coworkers, their superiors, and the company as a whole can be streamlined. These applications tend to have a primary group chat […]

Chatbots: a better customer experience

Chat-driven programs, used through instant messengers, called chatbots, are a viable solution to enhance the whole business. Chatbots automate customer service through artificial intelligence, leaving the company more time to concentrate on other key business areas. Significant benefits of the method are multiple-languages and good user experiences. There is a lot of good feedback from […]

Chatbot – Why Is It The Future of Enterprise?

Chatbots are drawing more attention in the businesses world. Business Insider predicts that about 80% of businesses will switch from traditional customer support channels to Chatbot by the end of 2020. So, being an early adopter of this advanced AI technology would give you a major advantage over your competitors. 1. What Is Chatbot? A […]