Innovation services

Kwork’s innovation services are designed to help businesses analyze and understand shifts in consumer behavior, new technologies, and opportunities. Kwork’s team of experts will work with you to identify and evaluate the challenge or opportunity, and develop a plan of action to take advantage of it.

Many organizations have co-created with us through our innovation services

The goal of Innovation Services is to analyze a shift in consumer behavior, a challenge,  an opportunity, or a new technology. Innovation services are typically 1-2 workshops in which the topic is analyzed and evaluated. In the second stage, alternative plans of action are created and a ideal solution is proposed.

“Opportunities happen in the overlap of technological and behavioral change”

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The process


The first step in service design is to understand the needs of the customer. This can be done through interviews, surveys, and other research methods


Once the needs of the customer are understood, the next step is to evaluate the situation and create a set of criteria. Multiple approaches are brainstormed and evaluated.

Concept delivery

A concept is created after a set of criteria has been established and the ideal approach can be chosen. Depending on the concept of work it can be a prototype, video or a full app.


Voice recognition on the edge

Airbus’ Critical Communication division asked Kwork to analyze, brainstorm and build pilots of new use cases for their Tactilo Dabat.

After analysis of the use environment and existing apps, evaluation of alternative ideas, we proposed speech recognition app to support reporting of incidents during missions. It is a critical issue needed by first responders, in order to quickly report incidents while also monitoring their surroundings.

The app was demoed in 2018 in Munich, Germany on actual Tactilon Dabat devices. Unlike existing which use cloud services for voice recognition this app used keyword recognition on the device with voice recording for complex reports and voice recognition on private cloud for added security.

Finlayson Art Area

Interactive art gallery guide

Finlayson Art Area is an exhibition in the first industrial areas in Finland, dating back to the 1800’s. The goal was to create a new visitor experience and to make it easier to move around the Finlayson Art Area. Our solution was an app that used indoor positioning and made it easier to move around the area.HERE provided an SDK-based indoor navigation software that gave spoken instructions for moving around the area. As a result, visitors to the art area had the opportunity to get audio instructions for the art area they were moving into through the mobile app. The concept of the app included a “ghost of the factory area”.

Ministry of Education in Finland

Hobby opportunities

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture asked for innovative solutions to prevent youth from becoming marginalized, and to find opportunities for recreational activities. Recreational activities at a young age have a significant impact on preventing marginalization.

The solution was a mobile application that uses artificial intelligence to map the interests, opportunities for movement, and location of young people in order to suggest recreation near them.

The demo application was implemented as a mobile application using React Native technology. The artificial intelligence was implemented as a cloud service. The mobile application server was implemented using an .NET Core Web API interface.

National Railways VR

Updated Train Experience

Mobile apps are traditionally used to only purchase tickets for journeys. National Railways set out to find out if mobile apps be used to enhance and update the journey itself. Kwork worked with Microsoft to make a live demo app to demonstrate the benefits of complex chatbot apps for inspiring experiences. Process started with a workshop to create customer journeys, plan the customer experience and demonstrate the technological possibilities. The chatbot app was built to help check train schedules with natural language. Upon boarding the train the user can ask for empty seats if he does not have a preassigned seat. A people counter was installed in the restaurant car to help travelers understand how busy the train restaurant is. He can also browse the current menu according to time of day. Watch the demo video to understand more about the possibilities, including GPS integration.

City of Helsinki

Attract Foreign Startups to Helsinki City

The goal of this workshop is to attract foreign startups to Helsinki City. Helsinki wants to provide a supportive and collaborative environment for these startups, and help them to establish and grow their businesses in Helsinki. Our international team analyzed the current services and observed an amazing quantity of services already exists. The key challenges for foreign startups owners is how to find the services and how to utilize the support services in a holistic way. Out team proposed a series of eSummits for City of Helsinki with detailed plans on how the app works and integrates with existing cities. The eSummits would not only be about city of Helsinki, but also interesting for startup founders in the spirit of content marketing. That will also establish City of Helsinki as one of thought leaders in the startup space.


National Chatbot Platform

AuroraAI is a human-centric AI program by the Finnish government. The goal is to build the Aurora network to unify all public and private services in Finland. One of the primary components is Aurora chatbot which will be implemented as an Open Source implementation. Kwork created the specifications for AuroraAI chatbot.

 The report can be found at the Finnish institute for Health and Welfare: AuroraAI chatbot specifications


Speech Diagnosis

Sanofi sought out partners for Digital Medicine solutions, and chose Kwor’s chatbot-based assistant that makes voice-based diagnoses as one of the potential products of the future.

Process: Sanofi selected partners through an innovation competition. Kwork was chosen for its combination of customer understanding and A.I. expertise

Solution: An assistant for the elderly, which helps caregivers in their work and identifies possible changes in activity and vocal symptoms.