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How text messasing is shown elegantly on film

How to show Internet, websites and messaging in films? A look at how film makers incorporate websites aand messaging in their work On screen text messasing is changing. No more shoots were you see the phone. Now you see the text on screen....

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Benefits of listening videos faster

Listening videos 1.5x - 2.0x speed might help you concentrate longer periods. Of course, the time saving is nice, too. 1.5x is usually easy to listen. 2.0x requires little practice with 1.5x and requires heavy focus, but at least for me that is actually good so I dont...

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Chatbot Platforms

We help you to boost your business with our customised chatbots

Web enbads

Onlinesales, event management, e-commerce, recruitment tools, social media embeds, reservation systems and more.

Innovation Services

We help you to develop your business with our tecnologies

Cloud Platforms

Boost your webpage with our tecnologie. Ask for more information.


Technology development

We are experiecne


Our approach to chatbots is modular with both 3rd party cloud services as well as our advanced language analytics and enterprise software integrations.

Online Communications

Cloud services are more about customer experience than technology. We have understanding of digital marketing, as well certification in Google Analytics, Adwords, and Inbound Marketing.


Beautiful websites, powerful features.


Onlinesale programs

Service sale and reservation tools

Event management tools

Chatbot systems

Recruitment tools

Online Communication tools


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Meet us in Slush

Slush is on the way and we are getting ready for the big bang. Come and meet us on demoarea on thursday 30.11. Let`s discuss more about chatbots behind chats ja improving your customer...

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Better studyprogram by artificiall intelligence

Aalto Univercity wanted to find out, how atrificial intelligence could help students to plan their studies. With the help of public competition Aalto applyed companies to solve to problem. Kwork and 5 other companies were selected and participated to the two day...

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Arctic 15 – our chatbot got attention

Latest tecnologies were showcased in Arctic 15 -event in July 2017. Kwork was also there invited by Microsoft. We got attention with out latest chatbot tecnologie. We documented the event with our 360...

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Kwork in Future Digital Finance forum

Future Digital Finance Forum gathered the pioneers and decision makers to discuss the opportunities and challenges caused by digitalization and disruption in the industry. We got to present our ideas about exploring conversational inferfaces and chatbots. First day...

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Busy week in London!

This week Kwork took part in two different events in London. First it was Techpreneur Expo which is the UK's number one exhibition and conference for early stage and start-up technology businesses. Few days later it was time for Techrunch Disrupt 2015 event which...

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Slush 2015 was a huge success!

In addition to making many important and interesting contacts, we also published our new platform at Slush 2015. With you can easily add several different plugins to your website. At the moment we are offering our social media feed -plugin for...

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Busy fair day at two events

Kwork had a busy fair day at two events. The other event, called Walk For Jobs, was really something special: companies and job seekers had a chance to network while walking around the sports field. The sunny day was filled with interesting walks and talks. Exhibiting...

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Kwork at Optio

Kwork participated Optio recruitment event in Tampere as an exhibitor and met many promising talents. If you're interested in working at Kwork, please see the "Opportunities" page.

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