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We are a full-service chatbot house. We’ve developed our chatbot platform, but also provide chatbots as a service or chatbot consulting. We have a wide range of technologies available, from which you can find the right solution for your technology stack.

Chat experiences

We make personal chat experiences

Make your chatbot
with our powerful builder

We make amazing chat experiences. We work with organizations of all sizes to create powerful chatbots that improve customer engagement and support your bottom line.

Our easy-to-use platform makes it easy to get started, and our scalability means that you can grow your chatbot usage as your needs grow. So whether you’re looking to create a simple chatbot for your website or a complex customer service tool, we can help you achieve your goals.

Core Features

Make your chatbot
with a powerful builder

Powerful Bot Builder

Build chatbots using your preferred visualization of the contents.

Flexible Analytics Dashboard

Customize dashboard to show what matter to you and your business

Multiple languages & multilingual bots

Support unlimited number of language. Any new language could be added and train to bot quickly and easily

Videos, photos and links

Chatbots can help by directing user with links, as well as show photos and videos. Chatbot conversation follows after clicking the links

Natural Language A.I.

Chatbots are usually based on a conversation tree. Natural language understanding (NLU) makes using chatbots feel more natural.

Look & Feel

Embed the chatbot on the page or on the corner. Change avatar, colors, fonts, background and more.

Chatbots for recruitment

Recruitment chatbot

Recruitment chatbot can help you with your hiring process. It allows for an easy application process and answers common questions candidates may have.

More advanced chatbots can also help schedule interview times and do prescreening of applicants.

Chatbots for guidance and support

Guiding Chatbots

In the customer case our chatbots gave guidance for companies about Covid-19 actions. Some common topics include questions and answers, helping to fill the forms by querying national company database and evaluating financing options through a questionnaire.

Another use case is to to use chatbots to provide guidance and support to employees. For example, a chatbot can help with onboarding by providing information about the company and its policies. Chatbots can also help employees with questions about their benefits or work schedule. In some cases, chatbots can even help employees file for leave or expense reimbursement.

Multifunctional chatbot

Enhancing Train Journeys

Chatbots can integrate with everyday aspects of our lfe. In this example app the chatbot is used to enhance train journeys.

The journey start with searching for the correct route and get instructions for specific questions. GPS integration will help identify which train the user is currently on. Entrance counter will help users know how busy is the restaurant car, and what items are currently on menu.
XML datasource integration helps find free seats.

Translation will help international travellers, and small talk will help the user pass the time.

Guiding companies

VAT reclaims with a chatbot

Some areas of European Union are outside the tax union. Åland Islands are one of these regions. E-commerce shops do not always know how to handle taxes when selling to Åland. In these cases, citizens of Åland will typically have to pay value-added tax twice.

Our solution to help in this situation was a chatbot that will help submit a request for VAT reclaim along with educational information so the web shop can update their procedures and webshop settings for the future.

Chatbots as lead generators

More Sales Leads from Websites

Websites are the best place to generate leads. They are the first touchpoint for many  and they provide a lot of information about products and services.

However, they can also be very overwhelming for potential customers. This is where chatbots can help. Chatbots can engage with potential customers and generate leads for sales teams.

For example, a chatbot can help a potential customer find the right product for their needs. The chatbot can ask questions about the customer’s budget, needs, and preferences. Based on the answers, the chatbot pass on the lead to the sales team. On the other hand, if the sales does not need the support from the salespeople the chatbot can also provide links to product pages and even add the product to the customer’s shopping cart.

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