Creative AI

Creative AI Creative AI is here to stay. It will help serve customers and makes operations more efficient. See below for our customer cases. Kwork Innovations has a extended experience on working with Creative and Generative A.I., such as large language models, generative adversial networks and diffusion models. Apps built with our Generative AI expertise […]

Software Development

Custom Software Development Are you in need of a new website or app? Our developers can create custom solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We have a wide range of experience in developing all types of websites and apps, so we can create anything you can imagine Custom apps by Kwork for Kwork […]

Innovation Services

Innovation services Kwork’s innovation services are designed to help businesses analyze and understand shifts in consumer behavior, new technologies, and opportunities. Kwork’s team of experts will work with you to identify and evaluate the challenge or opportunity, and develop a plan of action to take advantage of it. Many organizations have co-created with us through […]

Hiring & Shift Management

Hiring & shift management StaffApp by Kwork is hiring and shift management solution for your business. With our platform, you can streamline your hiring process, manage employee shifts, and track time and attendance. The app has a focus in short and fix term employment. Build an astonishing Staff Experience Contact Us With StaffApp by Kwork, […]

Service Platform

Better citizen services Kwork’s Service Platform is a case management system that will make it easier for citizens to get help from administration by providing a streamlined workflow for different types of cases: contact request, applications, service voucher or something else. Service Platform makes it easier for citizens to get help from administration by providing […]

Skills Platform

Find & achieve career goals Skills Platform is a platform for municipalities, schools and the public sector to provide employment services. Main features include a job board, resume builder, career planner, strength and skills analysis tools and communication tools. Skills Platform and it’s modules have been built together with Finnish universities and academies Skills Platform […]

Chatbot Platform

Inspiring Chat Experiences We are a full-service chatbot house. We’ve developed our chatbot platform, but also provide chatbots as a service or chatbot consulting. We have a wide range of technologies available, from which you can find the right solution for your technology stack. Chat experiences We make personal chat experiences Contact Us Make your […]