Alternatives to Chatfuel

Thanks to the advancement of machine learning and artificial intelligence, consumers now get technological help in all aspects of their lives. With this, the demand of chatbots – a program that imitate human conversations to solve tasks – is steadily increasing especially in business websites. Chatbots are well on their way to becoming the most […]

Designing a Smart Conversational Interface

The world has witnessed significant advancements in human-computer dialogue. Today, conversational interfaces are slowly taking the place of rigid GUI dialogue boxes and web forms. The evident evolution of UI design is all about leveraging artificial intelligence to enable end-users to get answers and perform routine tasks quickly without strain. However, what’s the key to […]

Effective Lead Generation

What Is the Process of Effective Lead Generation and How to Use Chatbots to gain Leads? Have you ever received a random call one day about a product you looked at a few weeks ago? You try to recall the time you checked out the product and remember leaving your contact details on the website. […]

A History of Chatbots

Turing Test Are you familiar with the Turing Test? For the uninitiated, the Turing Test was developed by Alan Turing, the original computer nerd, in 1950. The idea is simple: for a machine to pass the Turing Test, it must exhibit intelligent behavior indistinguishable from that of a human being. The test is usually conceptualized […]

And The Winner Is…Champion Hackathon Chatbots

The idea of chatbots has been around since the mid 1960s. ELIZA was the first of its kind, created in the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Since then, though, there has been a proliferation of chatbots. When they first began to become more widespread and available to the general public, in the late 1990s, they mainly […]

Chatbots and Messaging in Africa

Chatbots are ready to deliver a major impact in Africa. Several economic factors work in their favor, and businesses and nonprofit organizations are already showing what they can accomplish. The next few years should see significant growth in use. Favorable economic factors Since 2016 Africa’s economy has been growing at a healthy pace. The World […]

Chatbot Service Design for Beginners

In spite of a variety of benefits, it’s unclear how chatbots can be made to work in a practical sense. In this article, we’ll find out principles and steps of chatbot service design, as well as some common mistakes when it comes to building these AI bots. What Is Chatbot Design? Understanding How Every Chatbot […]