The State of Automotive Human-Machine Interfaces

The appearance of smart automotive human-machine interfaces (HMI) was an inevitable development. People are used to being able to perform all kinds of actions with their smartphones, and extending that capability to their cars is natural. Progress has been rapid in some ways, cautious in others. There’s been more technology available for news and entertainment […]

Deep Learning is Transforming Patient Care in the ICU

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a modern hospital can be an extremely fast-paced, high stress environment. Medical staff must deal with patients having the most severe illnesses, ranging from heart failure and stroke to traumatic brain injuries. In those conditions doctors often find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of information they must keep track […]

Deep Learning: Recent Research

Deep learning is hot right now. Applications such as voice recognition, facial recognition, language translation, medical diagnostics, self-driving vehicles, and even the detection of credit fraud, are becoming more and more woven into the fabric of modern life. Because of such successes, and the opportunities they open up for further extensions of the technology, deep […]

Business Rule Engines

A business rule engine (BRE) lets people who aren’t coders express and understand business rules without the constant involvement of IT people. It may be a part of a single software package, or it can be a separate product with an API that many different business systems can use. Either way, it makes it easier […]

Recent Academic Research About Deep Learning in Healthcare

Patient records, biological images, medical journal articles, experimental results, treatment outcomes, physician notes for individual cases: all these represent a treasure trove of current and historical information that, when properly analyzed, can provide a foundation for medical research that may lead to a multitude of advancements in healthcare in coming years. Yet the very volume […]

Utilizing Generative Adversial Networks (GAN’s)

If you want to create convincing output for some purpose, something that isn’t real but seems to be, how do you do it? Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are an approach which holds a lot of promise. They provide a form of unsupervised learning, where a system can improve its performance over time without human feedback. […]