Microsoft is taking its lead in cloud computing services with the release of its cloud computing service called Microsoft Azure. The tech giant has developed evolving creations which include the Azure IoT, ML, AI, and Cognitive services.

Azure is a flexible cloud computing platform that enables the construction of software applications in any programming language and with the use of different tools. It helps many companies to manage, deploy, and develop their applications through Microsoft.

This service aims to make the development of software applications accessible. The purpose is to enable people to design applications without much knowledge in programming, coding, or computer sciences. Through this, making a software application becomes easier to accomplish.

Its services help in developing protocols or programs that set the functionality it’s created for. Creating a complex and secured application will be easier for most people. With its algorithm that performs commands, people can create without worrying about the security of the application.

Services Available in Azure

Ways that Make ML, AI, and Cognitive Services Incorporated into the Company’s Services

Azure makes processes faster because of its easy drag-and-drop nature. Additionally, it’s an efficient type of investment for new users. For 12 months, users can access Azure’s services for free and must only pay $200 a month for full access to all services. There’s also a number of services that are always free.

You get to be the pioneers to try this type of system – a sign of openness to new innovative systems. This is important especially if you’re looking for ways to continuously improve your internal processes in the company and to achieve your monthly and annual goals.

The company does not need to worry about server capacity. You will only just have to extend the capacity of your storage to make sure the application runs smoothly if ever it increases in size.

Not only does it offer some always-free services, but it’s also relatively cheap for a company that offers efficient and faster services. Azure has great customer service and is always ready to answer questions from customers.

Explaining APIs

API or Application Programming Interface is a set of protocols and tools for the creation of software applications. APIs have varied outputs based on the functionality of a certain application. It’s basically how various components of an application “talk” to each other.

Let’s take a look at Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube to see how their varied functions are maintained by APIs. Flickr API functions for the sharing and distribution of photos within the application’s community. Twitter API functions for the search of trends within the platform as mentioned popularly by the users. YouTube API functions for the viewing of videos, live streaming, and statistics regarding the views, subscriptions, and such.

APIs work for certain functions within platforms and software applications. Although it works separately for each application, programs can be copied in an application’s system to work for the same function.

Room for Improvement

Azure should make their product public-friendly and sell it at a lower price point. This would attract more people to look over their service. It would make people more interested. It could lead to easier advertising. Once networking becomes successful, a lot of people may be interested in creating applications on their own.

Azure could advertise their service to most people if they had a friendlier interface and explained with easier words. Younger people are more acquainted with the functions of varied technology these days but not all are familiar with technological terms. It would be better if Azure considers that concern.

Many people who are not at all tech savvy might have an interest in the construction of software applications, so it would be better to have instructions which are easier to understand. They may not be interested in how an application was made, but it is also important that they know the proper functions of the platforms or software applications they use.


Microsoft Azure makes things easier for normal people to create platforms or software applications without being too complex and without confusing codes. Their cognitive services include: artificial intelligence (AI) which serves as the “brain” of the application, machine learning (ML) which helps the application to have functions like speaking, listening, or comprehending, and internet of things (IoT) which manages the connection and monitors the state of the things around us like traffic lights and CCTV cameras.

It is very helpful for companies. Aside from the fact that they’re not paying much for the service done by Azure, it also makes the company stand out for making great software applications. The applications produced will also be worth marketing.

People don’t have to worry about complicated processes in creating software applications and will only have to think of how they would want their application to function and work. This would help them reduce the time spent making the app, thus, giving them more time to generate ideas in marketing the product.