How Chatbots are Giving the Airline Industry an Upgrade: Chatbots in Airlines Industry

Airlines have a long history of less than stellar customer service, but chatbots are promising to change that narrative. The introduction of AI-powered bots are allowing airlines to connect with customers more directly, leading to streamlined processes and quicker response times. There are chatbots for searching and shopping. Airlines are eager to improve their customer […]

Chatbots for Brick & Mortar Retailers: Chatbots in Retail

The first contact customers have with brick-and-mortar businesses is often their online presence. A good website is an obvious necessity, but a chatbot is a valuable addition. Many people use their smartphones while inside the store to get information. Using a chatbot is faster than flagging down a sales representative, and it’s always available. Browsing […]

5 Ways Chatbots are Guiding Travelers: Chatbots in Travel Industry

The travel industry isn’t limited to hotels and airlines and neither are the potential roles for chatbots. Travelers have welcomed bots into multiple stages of their journeys, allowing them to find exactly what they’re looking for when they need it. Here are the most interesting ways chatbots are stepping up to make trips better. Saving […]

Chatbots in the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry may be known for web pages full of complicated jargon and headaches, but chat bots are changing this. They’re helping with everything from finding the right policy to settling claims, and have many additional advantages as well. Answering Frequently Asked Questions Even though many sites include an FAQ page for their policies, […]

Chatbots In Education

Students everywhere carry their mobile phone with them. It contains everything they need and is their connection to the world, but the ‘phone’ aspect of the device is fading away. Instead of making calls, many individuals would rather use instant messaging apps. This trend started a with the popularity of SMS and has only surged […]