The insurance industry may be known for web pages full of complicated jargon and headaches, but chat bots are changing this. They’re helping with everything from finding the right policy to settling claims, and have many additional advantages as well.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Even though many sites include an FAQ page for their policies, these pages can be difficult to understand for the average consumer. The unfamiliar language and large blocks of text can be intimidating, but a casual conversation is a lot more inviting. Bots can help bridge this gap by engaging with the customer and helping them understand their insurance.

Claims & Customer Service

Bots streamline and simplify the process for submitting claims and reports by making it easy for customers to get in contact with their provider in the event of an emergency. Instead of waiting on hold for a live representative, they can quickly speak to a chatbot capable of assessing the situation and providing resources immediately.

Selling Policies

Usually, consumers do extensive research or fill out forms to find out what insurance policy they need. However, a chatbot can complete this process much more efficiently. While it may ask questions that are similar to what is on a form, customers feel more having a conversation than deciphering legal documents.


A company representative has too many cases to know everyone personally, but a bot provides the same services while also keep detailed records. These bots can recognize individuals, easily retrieve their history for reference, and build upon past interactions to create a more personal conversation that better engages the customer.

Virtual HR

Besides external uses, chatbots can be used internally for a variety of HR-related tasks such as recruiting candidates, providing information on an employee’s attendance record, answering job questions regarding benefits or scheduling, and enrolling employees in any necessary programs.