Kwork Koodia Suomesta

Kwork Code From Finland

Kwork Innovations Ltd. is now authorized to use “Code From Finland” sign, which means our software development is done in Finland. We are proud coding craftsmen and -women, and think it is important to recognize the quality of the code we produce. The sign also indicates taxes are paid in Finland.

“As a born-global company, doing all of the software development in Finland is mostly a business decision to ensure standards in online security and consistent code quality”, states CEO Antti Törrönen, “I’ve worked with developers in India, China and Phillippines and with outsourcing companies in India, and I am the first to admit they are very, very talented. The personal talent and skill is there. However, project management practices and security procedures are not yet comparable Finland. For example, I still get emails one a year from one big outsourcing company warning about working with one of their former employees, as he stole their whole source code base.”

Kwork is proud to carry the “Code From Finland” sign! Of course, the world of software is moving forward and we as a nation must constantly improve the quality of practices, training and technology. Kwork as a innovative company is part of this development and we are putting heavy effort into the development of web design tools.

Code From Finland

Finnish code is known for its superior quality.
Now it can be easily recognized.