Similary Measures in Algorithms

Computational tasks such as machine learning and natural language analysis often depend on measuring how similar two items are. When you search the Web with Google or DuckDuckGo, you don’t just get pages which are an exact match for your search string. You get ones which are, in some sense, similar to your search. They […]

Understanding “Big-O” for Algorithm Running Time

How long will it take to get a computational result? This is an important question when choosing an algorithm to solve a problem. A poor choice will result in bad performance. A more specific form of question is how the algorithm will behave as its parameters get larger or more complex. If sorting a hundred […]

How to Ensure That Software Functions Properly? The Key Elements of a Software Testing

Software is essential to many systems and devices used in the modern world. It controls the performance of networks, the web, and other technologies. Because of its sheer importance, developers make sure that their software is tested effectively and thoroughly before they are rolled out to the public. What is Software Testing? Software testing refers […]

Getting Started with React

React is a popular JavaScript library for bringing complex pages and Web applications under control. It saves developers from working directly with the DOM, so they can focus on the application’s logic rather than trying to optimize the handling of every element. It can seem intimidating at first, but once you understand some key concepts, […]

Sorting Algorithms

Sorting algorithms were once a basic part of every software developer’s repertoire. Developers were supposed to know how to use them the way a carpenter knows how to use a saw. With so many other demands on their time today, it’s easy to lose sight of this basic skill set. Here’s a quick overview of […]