Name of Kwork Innovations is unfortunately used in a wave of scam attempts.


More importantly, we will never ask for insurance or any other types of payments.

Typical examples of the scam include following charasteritics:
– Initial contact through freelancing webistes or direct messages on social media
– Emails may not be from freelancing websites, but just look like emails from them. Raw email reveals information which can be used as evidence. If you have it, please report to FBI per below instructions.
– Scammers will impersonate multiple people, and the victims will have contact with many personas
– Asking to fill PDF’s with detailed information
– Asking for payments, such as security deposit, insurance fee or other details

If you are currently in contact with anyone pretending to work at Kwork, please ignore and report to relevant sites, such as:
– WhatsApp (instructions)
– Telegram (instructions)
– Fiverr (instructions)
– Upwork
– Freelancer

If you have any payment details please consider reporting to:
– The requested payment site, such as PayPal or Payoneer  (instructions)  
– local police

Please include full, raw email and other messages, including IP addresses and other details you may have, to FBI at


We haven taken immediate action and add notifications on our websites and social media. We will also report all details, raw messages, contact details to both FBI and local police in the country of the scammer. You may use to contact information textbox to provide any such information.